When you grow restless, you will tear off his yoke from your neck.”
 (Gen 27:37-40 NET)

Most people live in defeat because they did not receive prophecies, inherited anything from parents, receive help from anybody.  Some are still waiting for the day someone may come from somewhere to help them meet their goals, achieve their dreams or meet their targets.  The same thing happened in the life of Esau where before his birth, there was prophecies that had gone forth declaring his brother Joseph as the chosen, favored and the beloved of both God and parents. Sometimes in life , everything around you may indicated that you are on your way to failure and destruction.  According to the tradition of Israel, the first born son is supposed to take care of the family in the absence of the father. He is to receive a transfer of baton from the father to continue with the family legacy. but in the case of Esau, the younger brother rather was blessed by the father. He tried all he could to persuade the father to give him just one blessing but the father said he has given all the blessings to the brother Jacob. What a sad story of a promising and enterprising young man who had all his hopes  on a prophecy or a pronouncement from the father. The question here is that, what if he d id not grow to meet the father alive, would he not have made it in life?  There are a lot of people moving from place to place looking for who may give them a prophecy. A father who loved the son dearly look into the face of the son and said to him ‘prophecy I don’t have any for you but I have something better than prophecy which is DILIGENCE. Until u become diligent or restless in your situation you will serve your younger brother forever.

“Have you seen a man who is expert in his business? he will take his place before kings; his place will not be among low persons”.
(Pro 22:29 BBE)

Any man who become diligent with his work, will dine and seat with kings and noble men and women. this is because prophecies does not give a future. Inheritance alone can not guarantee your future but your diligence with what you have. Esau became twice and more blessed than Jacob . We will look at how Esau was able to turn his woes into victories, his disappointments into appointments, his mess into messages and how his hurts and bitterness made him a better person in society. You have what it takes to become a better person in society if only you can be diligent with what you HAVE.


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  1. Hi, just found this website from mixx. It’s not blog post I would typically read, but I loved your thoughts on it. Thanks for creating a blog post worth reading!

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