One man who managed and turned his rejections into acceptance is the man Jephthah. He is a young man born into the royal family of Israel, of the tribe of Gilead. According to scriptures, Jephthah happened to be mothered by a prostitute. A woman who was not officially recognized by the family members of Gilead. Sometimes this becomes our story, where certain circumstances beyond our control forces us out of our inheritances. Sometimes also, society turns to look down on us because they think we intentionally choose the situation we find ourselves. We turn to be rejected by the same people we thought should be there for us. Your mother may not be a prostitute but you may have a certain deformity or something may be lacking in you that may force society to reject you. But I tell you that your destiny is not in the hands of others. You are not accountable to anybody. You own your life and if people around you should reject you, accept who you are. As long as we cannot choose who we are born to, our color, race and gender, never allow anybody look down on you because you do not have what it take because they may only be seeing your today whiles God may be seeing your tomorrow and future. Never allow what you don’t have to determine your future. Our God is able to turn lives around in a minute.



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  2. Hi there, I stumbled on this web site from digg. This isn’t not an article I would typically read, but I liked your thoughts on it. Thank you for making a piece worth reading!

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