Just like others were hated for the potentials in them, so will you also be hated for dreaming. Every moving thing will certainly face resistance. People may hate and reject you because of the dream you carry. Joseph was hated the more when he told his parents and siblings of the great dream he had for the future. Societies mostly see great dreams in people and would always do everything possible to kill those dreams. It is only in real cases where we see certain individuals identifying people’s potentials through the eyes of Jehovah.

Only a few people will encourage you to pursue your God given potentials. This means it is normal to be rejected and hated for whatever you carry in you. Despite the hatred, rejections and other inhuman treatments meant for people with dreams, a few of them still become rise above the standards to become what really created them for. That means you can also become what God created you to do on earth despite the hatred, rejections. Remember, rejection is part of life and you must accept it when it comes you way.



  1. With God, all things are possible!

    • Everything we can imagine is possible. God bless you Sir

  2. Hi there, I hopped over to this website from mixx. It’s not blog post I would normally read, but I loved your perspective on it. Thanx for creating something worth reading!

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