Jephthah was a young man who had the potential of becoming a king of Israel was driven away from his family, inheritance, royalty and even personal confidence because his mother is a prostitute.

Sometimes people around may reject you for something you did not do. This should never stop you from becoming what God says you are because; he that is in us is greater than those around us. He who has started a good work will certainly bring it to where we belong. You cannot give up because you are fired from your job, lost a love relation or divorced. If they do not want you, someone deserves you better. You may be driven away from their son/ daughter but you are not forgotten by God. You are not the first to be disappointed or disgraced. There is countless number of people who went through what you are going through now who did not give up on life but pursued their God given purpose and became celebrities. If you will not die because of rejections, those who rejected you will live to see your upliftment when the time comes. If it is the will of God, at the appointed time He will show himself faithful. See what you are going through as God working in you a miracle. God will never promote you without first testing your strength and faithfulness. A man named Job in the Bible went through disappointments and mockery but he kept his faith alive in God during the trying moments then God favored him in double portions. Another man name Abraham went through ridicule because the wife Sarah could not give him a baby on time. According to the biblical story, Abraham believed God was working in his situation a miracle and indeed God worked out a miracle for him. Sometimes too, God may be delivering you from premature exposure which may cause your life.



  1. Most times we ask God questions why our miracles delay, why are things not working properly as we expected but hey, He is working in you a miracle. He is remoulding you into what He wants you to become for Him. Take heart for God is on His way to your house

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