Turning impossibilities into possibilities (4)

YOU DO NOT NEED MONEY BUT IDEAS:Money is not the answer to all problems of the world .It is surprising how many problems are caused by lack of funds. Many lives ruined because of financial problems. If you are also tempted to say it is impossible, ask yourself if you really need money? Why don’t you go to the manufacturer, arrange a credit facility for goods and get a ready market for it. Connect the supplier and the buyer so that you become the middle man or an agent to the supplier with a commission. You want to establish an organization that you do not have the money, why don’t  you develop an idea and sell the idea to the one who has the money so both of you can share in the profit.? Train a footballer and sell him to a good team, there you are. I have  seen many young men and women sitting idle for the lack of money. You can make money if you can develop a marketable  idea. It would amaze you the number of people who have money and needs ideas they can invest into. Redesign and reshape your ideas and it can make money for you. You may be one of those who sit and cry for sponsorship but the question is, the dream you wanted sponsorship for, is it marketable? If not, I would advise that you develop your dream to the level it would attract investors and I am sure you would be one of the shakers and movers of our world.


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  1. Hey, just found this webpage from mixx. This isn’t not something I would regularly read, but I liked your perspective on it. Thanks for making a piece worth reading!

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