Turning impossibilities into possibilities (7)

YOU CAN NOT QUIT:The gifts and blessings of God are without repentance. It takes courageous men and women to keep on keeping on when they run into setback and failure. It takes boldness to get up and run with the ball after you have been tackled hard or had a wicked knocked out in the sport of Boxing. The Israelites came face to face with the Red sea and had the challenge of going back to Egypt. Looking behind them is the army of Egypt, to their left is the mountain and to their right is also the mountain. They have no option than to keep going towards the sea. The entire world is waiting for your manifestation, if you  know the only way out is to fight hard for a win, you have no option than to win and finish very well. You know in your family, you are the only source of hope, you can not quit. Rather go for the price once and for all.  It is better to look at the face of pain and go for success because after a time you will be healed. It is better to go through the fire with burns and have success in life than to end up like everybody ended up in your family. Make a decision not to end up like everybody because posterity waits to celebrate your success. Remember quitters never win, winners never quit…..

For the sake of all the noise you have been making concerning your visions and dreams, you can not give up. Quitting is not an option for me when I have declared my intentions to the whole world; the world will hold me in check to make sure I know what I am talking about.


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