Turning impossibilities into possibilities (9)

 BE READY FOR OPPORTUNITIES:Most people say things likethis is the way we do it, it can’t be change’. You can never teach an old dog a new trick. The success thinkers’ do not see change as threat but as the basis for hope. Where there is possibility, there is hope for change and improvement.  All around us are opportunities. Some have been looking for opportunities in far away countries which make it necessary for some to think that unless they travel outside Ghana they cannot make it in life.  Just as some think traveling is the only option, some are also making it big-time in the local scene. It will surprise you to know that even though we are all living in the same economy, some are not affected at all. The same thing happened in the scriptures when famine hit the land of the Philistines, Isaac decided to move out to Egypt for fresher opportunities. In the mist of his confusions, God asked him not to move but to use the same things around and change his attitude to have what he wanted. It is recorded that in that year Isaac became the most prosperous person in the land of the Philistines. Just look at this picture, all the people on the land, were complaining of the famine whiles Isaac was instructed to change his attitude rather than geography.  He took advantage of the opportunities around him to achieve what he wanted. It is in the same way that I think there are several opportunities around us that we can take possession of and work to achieve our goals.


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  1. Hi, just ran into this website from digg. It is not an article I would normally read, but I loved your perspective on it. Thanks for creating an article worth reading!

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